Sunday Sessions are normally held at the Summerhill Pavilion & Gardens and start at 6pm and end at 8pm.

Please join our mailing list or check our Facebook page weekly for details of each session.

Pre-booking and pre-payment for sessions is essential, as a limited number of places are available. Price £15 - £5 on a sliding scale - please pay what you can afford via the link below.

Dance Collective


We may organise other events from time to time. Please join our mailing list to keep in touch! Please look out for weekly announcements via email and on Facebook, as the programme may change at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

(See our Contacts page for how to connect with the email list and Facebook page if you’re not already linked up.)

Cancellation Policy

Please take a moment to read the following.

Booking is required to ensure we can stick within the maximum number of dancers, both for covid precautions and to make sure it's not too crowded to enjoy the dance.

To book you need to send payment via card or bank transfer, and also email the person facilitating that week. It can be easy for them to miss a payment, especially if it is made a while before their class.

Unless your place is filled by someone else we can’t refund or roll over payment if you have to cancel. This is about making the session financially viable. We base our decision to go ahead with a session on numbers booked and if several people drop out last minute and are refunded we may not cover costs.

We realise that a no refund policy can feel unfair but having explored possibilities we haven’t yet found an alternative that doesn’t leave us financially vulnerable. We’re mindful of managing prices so that they’re accessible/affordable to all in service of our community, but that leaves very little wiggle room.

We think this is in line with most events you are likely to attend. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Happy dancing!

The Newcastle Dance Collective